The animation jobs board came about after Jon Draper (founder of UK animation studio Stormy Studio) created the website where there are free and paid courses and resources to help creatives start an animation studio of their own.

The jobs website was created with the intention of helping the thousands of members of the Start A Studio site who are building studios of their own to find talented created team members or find their first industry jobs and thrive.

Jons animation company Stormy Studio, was started in 2013 after working in the industry for around 15 years and moving to the stunning southwest coast of the UK. The studio then became a full-time business in 2014 and has been successfully growing and producing a wide range of creative business animation ever since. Much of what is shared on the Start A Studio courses are from his and his team's own experience in planning, launching and growing a very successful animation business.

The studio has focused on the broad niche of business animation as a whole and then further drilled down to successfully gain a strong reputation for quality 2D and 3D animation production in areas of renewable energy animation, healthcare and pharmaceutical animation, finance and safety.